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As a rapidly growing employment agency in Eastern European staffing within the agriculture industry, our main focus is to assist companies and people find each other and make a difference. We will find you the best qualified and suitable candidates for all your work. We guarantee a no nonsense mentality with the right expertise and knowledge to offer added value to companies.

Why employ with Agro Jobs Holland

Agro Jobs Holland is not simply a employment agency or a recruiter, we are part of the Dutch agriculture story and know how to make things happen.

The Agro Jobs Holland team takes great pride in delivering reliable and the best workers on time for every job. We have a hands-on mentality and take the time to listen to the needs of our clients, so that they benefit to its full potential from our service. We encourage straight talking and honest information. We think it is better to give accurate and realistic information on what is going on in the market than rather telling what we think clients want to hear.

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Services for Employers

Full-Service Staffing

Agro Jobs Holland is a specialist in recruiting and full-service Staffing of Eastern European employees. With our expertise we manage to provide our clients a continuing of staffing solution to increase the productivity, quality and competitiveness. We are able to provide farm owners looking for an extra helping hand or a large manufacturer seeking to hire multiple employees.

On-Site Service

We offer all necessary services at the location of our client in order to facilitate the day to day operations. This way we are close to our workers, the companies planning department and can anticipate fast. It results into improving work productivity, flexibility and efficiency.

Recruitment & Selection

We recruit employees from Romania, Poland and Ukraine and can fill vacancies fast and effective with motivated and skilled employees. Our recruitment partner will advertise, search, interview as many candidates as it takes to find the best worker for you.

Field of activity

Agro Jobs Holland is an expert in staffing of Eastern European workers in the Agriculture, Production and Logistics industries.


We are an experienced partner in the agriculture industry who can supply the demand in diverse workers from milking cows on a dairy farm, cutting vegetables outside on the field to harvesting tomatoes and peppers in greenhouses.


We are familiar with health and safety regulations and have a flexible pool of experienced workers who can do diverse jobs from basic production and packaging to more skilled activities.


We are well aware of the dynamic world of Logistics and Transportation with its growth it is getting more difficult to find the right staff. AgroJobsHolland has an international pool of qualified workers from truck and forklift drivers to order pickers or packaging specialists.

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