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Growth Power as it should be

If you are looking for a job in Holland in the agriculture industry Agro Jobs Holland will find you the most suitable job matching your skills. We provide a full range of services to ensure you can start working in Holland as soon as possible. once in Holland we will assist you in all your needs, giving you the peace of mind you need to perform on the job.

Why work with Agro Jobs Holland

As an Agro Jobs Holland employee you have the opportunity to improve your life and grow your career. With us you will not only earn the salary you deserve but we also have additional services to help you during your employment, such as housing, transport, medical insurance and assistance on a personal level.

Services for employees

Communication and services on a personal level

We will treat all our workers with respect and communicate with them on a personal level. Our team will help you obtain a Burger Service Nummer (Dutch Social Tax Number), make a bankaccount, get you accommodated in the housing, guide you at the workplace and accustom you to the Dutch living and working regulations. You will get the same treatment as any other person working with us.


We provide decent housing for our workers which are equipped with all necessities for you to feel at home after a long working day. All our housing locations meet the standards or beyond of the Stichting Normering Flexwonen (foundation for flexible housing standards or SNF). The standard distinguishes subjects as Space and Privacy, Sanitary Provisions, Safety and Hygiene, Provisions, Information Provision and other Requirements and Fire Safety. AgroJobsHolland is admitted to the SNF register and is authorised to use the SNF quality mark logo.


We provide our workers with a company car to be able to drive to work, go shopping or just have a fun day out. We take care of the maintenance to get you safe to your destination.


We guarantee weekly payment of your working hours and make it transparent by providing you with a salary slip.


Working at Agro Jobs Holland is like having a second family. I can say out of experience that Agro Jobs Holland is a reliable company, with weekly salary payment on time and good housing. I work at a pepper deposit sorting peppers and I like it very much. Holland is a beautiful country and I like exploring it while working with Agro Jobs Holland.
Danut & Alexandra
We work for two years with Agro Jobs Holland at a pepper greenhouse. We have both grown to assistent teamleaders and can help other new colleagues. We really like Holland and want to built our future here. Due to Agro Jobs Holland we have that possibility now.
I have been working with Agro Jobs Holland since they have started the company and I had the opportunity to grow to teamleader roles with two different companies. I am building my future while enjoying everyday life in Holland.